What are Cookies?

In computing, a cookie is not a reference to a delicious snack – a cookie is a small piece of data or message which is sent from a website’s server to your web-browser that is then stored on your device’s hard-drive. They are generally used to improve your on-site experience – for example – a cookie may be used to remember your username which is used to login to a website. A cookie file is unable to read the data contained on your hard-drive, this include the content contained in other cookie files. They do not damage your system.

How do we use Cookies?

We only use cookies for the purposes outlined within our privacy policy. We use them to enhance your experience on the PROTEC Plumbing and Heating website. However, we only use cookies which we have determined to be necessary for us to provide our service(s) to you.

First Party Cookies

We use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of our website. Using this software, we are able to see how you engage with our website.

protecplumbing.co.uk (Google Analytics)

Third Party Cookies

In the bottom right-hand corner of our website, you may see the Facebook Messenger icon. We have integrated Messenger in to our website to enable you to reach us quickly if you need to. Facebook uses cookies to remember your preferences. Without these cookies, we would be unable to provide this functionality to you.

Please be aware that our website features links to external websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, whilst these links do not use cookies – we would advise that you read their specific cookie policies.

facebook.net (Messenger Integration)

Disabling Cookies

In your browser, you will have the option to refuse any cookie or to be alerted when a website is sending a cookie file to your device. You can also control any cookie file which is currently stored on your hard-drive.

If you have blocked cookies from our website and this impacts your experience, please phone us on 01473 561013 and a member of our team will be happy to help.