Purchasing a new boiler is a considerable investment. Before you part with your hard-earned money, our advice is to always do your research. It is important to ensure that whichever system you choose is suitable for your property and requirements. There are several different types of boilers on the market, each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, meaning that not all of them may be suitable. This article will explore the benefits of installing a combi-boiler and the reasons why this type of boiler may be the best choice for you. Our knowledgeable Ipswich plumbers will also share their recommended combi-boiler(s), most of which are from our trusted supplier Ideal Boilers.

What is a combi-boiler?

Combination boilers, or a ‘combi-boiler’ for short, are a more modern boiler design in comparison to the traditional choices. Unlike older boilers, a combi-boiler does not require the integration of a storage tank to store your hot water. Instead, with this type of boiler, the water is heated as and when it is needed. Not needing a hot water storage tank is perfect for smaller properties where space is an issue. Combination boilers are sleek and small and can usually be tucked away out of sight in a corner or a cupboard.

Installing a combination boiler ensures that you will never again experience the horror of a cold shower, this can be an absolute nightmare in the winter months! The water is heated on the fly and as a result, you never have to wait for it to warm up – the water is instantly hot. Also, given that your water is coming directly from the supply, you will always have high pressure to your taps and appliances. There are many reasons why choosing a combination boiler may be best suited to your property. However, did you know that there are also different types of models and brands to choose between?

Recommended by us

Our plumbers in Ipswich highly recommend Ideal Boilers. Founded in 1906, Ideal has over 100 years experience in manufacturing innovative central heating systems. Ideal Boilers remain at the forefront of domestic and commercial central heating and have won numerous awards for their designs. Not only is the company constantly recognised for its excellence by plumbing professionals, they are well regarded amongst thousands of positive reviews by their end users. Ideal Boilers are rated amongst some of the best boilers available in the United Kingdom and we are proud to install Ideal Boilers in Ipswich.

Ideal Boilers manufacture four different combi-boiler designs. These are: Logic Max Combi, Vogue Max Combi, Vogue Gen 2 Combi and Logic+ Combi. All four of these boilers have 7 – 12 year warranties giving you the reassurance that your boiler will last well into the future! The Vogue Gen2 is their latest and greatest design. Released in 2017, the Vogue Gen2 combi-boiler features a full LCD full colour display for ease of use. Alongside this boiler, you can also purchase an electronic thermostat and weather compensation kit. This kit will adjust the temperature in your property based on the weather conditions outside, this innovative technology is perfect because it regulates the climate in your property without you needing to lift a finger!

Ideal Boilers are definitely our Ipswich Plumbers go-to choice, however if you wish to have a boiler installed in Ipswich from a different manufacturer, we definitely can help you with that too. To find out more information regarding the range of boilers available to you, schedule a consultation with one of our plumbers in Ipswich who will be able to provide you advice as to which models are suitable for your property.